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As the summer goes on, it’s been amazing to start to see our staff settle into their roles. All the teams work hard, but a team that doesn’t get recognized enough is Crew! Without Crew, we wouldn’t be able to do half of our fun activities! Crew runs the jet ski’s, zip line, giant swing, and boats. Their work doesn’t stop there. They lifeguard, clean the beach, and set up all our games! The work Crew does for Beulah is endless! Despite their heavy work load, their attitudes remain genuinely joyful. One of the reasons we love them is for their Philippians 2:14 and 4:4 perspective which says, “Do everything without complaining and arguing” and ” Be cheerful with joyous celebration in every season of life. Let joy overflow, for you are united with the Anointed One!”

This week, we wanted to take time to highlight someone who serves on Crew, that person is Luke Wilson! Luke attends Ohio State University studying Environmental Science. If you’re a regular here at the beach, I’m sure you’ve seen him around or know his family! Luke grew up here during the summers at his parents cottage! He served in the kitchen prior to starting on Crew last year! When asking him, ” Why Crew? What do you enjoy about this job?” Luke told me how he grew up on a farm. He’s been wired to be a hard-worker due to that and having to be disciplined with his time. Growing up on a farm molded him for this position and being outside is something he enjoys. To quote him specifically and give you an idea of Lukes personality he told me that, ” Menard’s brings him a deep sense of peace!” I think I can relate to that on a deep level! Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of freshly cut wood? In addition to being a nature lover, he said that his other reason for coming back to Crew is the people and leadership. Luke mentioned how on Crew, they laugh so much. They choose joy together and have fun! They make the most of every situation and they feel cared for by their leaders. Through his time here he’s made incredible friendships. He told me that, ” Beulah friends are the coolest in the world.” I honestly can’t say I disagree! The friendships you make here will last a lifetime.

Beulah Beach is grateful for the hearts of those on Crew and all that they do! If you haven’t made a friend on their team, you should! Go say hi, they’re an amazing team!