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Reagan Baughman, a lover of Christ and people. This is her first year on the Leadership team, but her third summer on staff! Prior to working here, she was a camper for five years! If you know Reagan, you’ve been fortunate enough to experience the peace and comfort of God. Her genuine care for her team is inspiring to the rest of us who serve with her. We praise God for her loyalty to Jesus and how she models the Fathers heart.

Since she’s been on both sides, staff member and camper, we wanted to know what her thoughts were on the Crosswalk this year v.s. other years and what role she’s been able to play as a Leader for Overnight camp in that:

” I have seen 8 different crosswalks in my 21 years of life, and I think that this one has impacted me the most.  Starting in the Garden of Eden, seeing the fall of man, and witnessing God hand baby Jesus to Mary and Joseph brings a new dynamic to the Crosswalk that I have never experienced before.  The Crosswalk normally just highlights Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, but conveying why we need Jesus beforehand allows viewers to fully understand the weight behind Jesus’ sacrifice.

I had chills at the conclusion of the Crosswalk watching Jesus’ disciples go inside the empty tomb and rejoice because He is alive!  After this emotional moment, Restoring Eden played, which says, “Take me back to the garden. Restore Eden in my heart.”  Referring back to the start of the Crosswalk and the beginning of God’s grand story, these lyrics ring so true during this crosswalk especially.  

After this, I had the opportunity to share a snapshot of my testimony with campers and share how Jesus has saved my soul.  Public speaking is not my forte, but every time that I get to speak at Beulah, the Lord brings peace and the Spirit guides my words.  I shared how the Lord met me for the first time at Beulah during Splash Camp in 2014, and I described how my counselor, Sarah, was my first example of what walking in relationship with Jesus truly looks like.  Campers were then led into a time of testimony sharing, where their counselor started and then they had the opportunity to share if they felt led.  Talking with the counselors afterwards, this was a really cool time of vulnerability where the Lord moved big in campers’ hearts.

The Crosswalk is the same story every year, but God always manages to do new things in the hearts of each camper, staff member, and community member watching.  As the summer continues, I am very expectant of how the Lord will use this unique crosswalk to speak into the lives of so many people.”