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This week we get to hear from one of the Day Camp counselors, Joel Zimmerman. Joel is the type of camp counselor that kids will keep on requesting year after year. The endless energy that he has through out the day, the joy and fun he brings to the children,  and the love of the Lord that he pours into the them, makes it pretty clear why the kids keep coming back each week to hang out with him. When I asked Joel what brought him here to camp this year and what he felt the lord was doing this summer this is what he had to say.

” For the last three summers, I have worked at a restaurant. I would serve so much food to people every day. I would talk to my friends as they would tell me stories of all the fun they were having at camp. This summer is my last one in college because I will finish school in the fall. I wanted to do something fun, and what is more fun than a summer camp. We are two months in, and this summer has been incredible. God has blessed me with many new friends and stories. What place besides summer camp can you dress up as a crazed pirate, dance non-stop, and throw food, paint, and eggs at people? 

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had more energy than anyone. They say everyone in the body of Christ represents a different body part. Well, if I was a body part, I always like to think I would be the mitochondria. God’s gift for me was having an abundance of energy. I will be honest this summer has constantly reminded me that my energy will fail. I can try and push all I want, but my earthly body runs out. Thankfully we have a heavenly father who gives us energy when we do not have enough. 

I have seen God moving all over this summer, mainly in the discussions and the opportunity to plant life-altering seeds in these kids. Have faith in these kids because they are curious and want to learn. One week, I had some of the older boys. We had just told the kids the gospel story, and many girls were ringing the bell and committing to Jesus. A couple of my boys said they wanted to ring it as well. I talked with them, wanting to make sure they knew what they were doing. I told them about what it meant to ring that bell. I told them becoming Christian and a believer in Jesus means we ring that bell every day, and no one hears it. That statement sparked great conversations and questions. Regardless if they rang the bell or not, my job allows me to plant seeds in these kids lives so that I can have confidence one day, it will bear fruit.”