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   Beulah on the road brings camp to several different churches. It was designed to reach the kids in different cities and bring Beulah Beach to them. As our leadership team would say “ Camp isn’t home, but is kind of, we think it kind of is”. 

   A week of camp on the road has impacted so many lives, not only for the campers, but our overall staff and counselors. BOTR leads the children in games, worship, dancing, creativity, and so much more. The counselors and leadership serve all summer long pouring into the kids by planting seeds and watering it daily furthering God’s kingdom. In one week lives are changed and marks are made. This summer has been incredible and enlightening for many staff members as they work and experience the joys and hurdles of serving. One particular counselor wanted to share his experience counseling and how it has transformed his life.

   Hi my name is Josh Muth and this is my first summer serving at Beulah. I am blessed to be a part of the BOTR team! It’s incredible, and I have learned so much from my first counseling experience. God has taught me that the greater the storm the greater He shines through it. Every time I feel out of my comfort zone or anxious about something, He blesses me and keeps me close to Him. 

   Counseling has been incredible! Being with my campers is my favorite part of the week as I get to come up with a team name, chants, and earning points from all the games and activities. I just love it! 

   The Lord also continues to answer my prayers by giving me strength and energy to serve my hardest. It’s a rough and draining job at times but He is with me always. 

   Interacting with leadership is also a blast because I respect them and can see that we all have the same intention of furthering God’s kingdom. I also have grown close too many of them as they are intentional and fun leaders. One thing that’s sticks out about the leadership at Beulah is the encouragement. I can confidently say that the leadership team at Beulah encourages me more than anyone else in my life.