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Hi everyone! My name is Jolie Peacock and I have the awesome opportunity to serve on day camp for my second summer! This is our first week with campers and I am so excited for the weeks to come! Every week is a new chance to make new friends, have a lot of fun, and learn more about God and His will. 

This week I’ve had the privilege to counsel some of my returning campers! It is so awesome to see some of the kids that I made connections with last summer and to see them grow up a little more each time I see them! Our reunion at registration was so amazing! My new campers are just as awesome too! Each day when my campers get dropped off, the first thing we do is run to each other and hug! 

During the day we do a lot of activities that challenge campers in different ways. Whether it is conquering a fear of heights, or doing team challenges and games, campers and counselors alike learn how to better themselves and cheer for each other.

Camp means so much to me. I can be as crazy and weird with the kids and they are just as weird back. One thing that we on staff say is “all gas, no brakes” and it really is true! From the moment kids arrive we hit the ground running. It is so much fun getting to see kids have fun and to jump right in with them! 

I also had the opportunity to be baptized this week in front of all my day camp friends! I felt the call to be baptized this summer during day camp as a reminder not only for myself but also the campers that you can accept Jesus and God’s will over your life at any time. Being baptized at Beulah was such a joy and I am so proud that I have taken the next step in my faith! 

I love Beulah Beach so much and camp has really changed my life. I am so excited for the summer ahead and I can’t wait to meet all the kids that I will serve this summer! Great things really do happen at camp!