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Hi, my name is M.J. Brown and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer than to serve at Beulah Beach and for the Kingdom! Beulah Beach is such a wonderful place filled with so many fun camp activities and the spirit of God. For six summers I was a camper here at Beulah and this is now my second summer serving here.

There are so many fun camp games and activities that we do each week so it’s hard to choose which one is my favorite. But there is one activity that stands out above the rest. That is what we call the mix. The mix is a fun, energetic, and holy atmosphere mixed with a dance party, games, a skit, worship, and a message from the Word. I like to look at the mix by splitting it into two sections. The first part is very hype and all things awesome. While the second half has more of a slower pace compared to the first.

At the beginning of the mix, all campers and counselors rush the stage for the hypest dance party ever! Some of the favorites that everyone loves to dance to include The Jungle Wiggle, Snack Shack, and Beulah Lovin’ (remixed Beulah songs to match the summer theme). Once we had a great dance party we begin to transition into a game where campers participate. These games can be either really fun and crazy or super gross. Either way, it is very entertaining. Finally, there is a skit to end the last portion of the first half of the mix. Each week the skit is very funny and entertaining as it ties into the summer theme. 

Next, we reach the second part of the mix where it is much more of a slower pace than the first half of the mix. To begin this second section, we have a time to worship/give praise to the One and only God! This time that we have to worship is so special because it gives all of us the ability to slow down from the crazy fun day that we had and allows us to enter into a space with God and to just simply praise Him for all He has done. After about three songs of wonderful praise, we enter into a time where we are able to hear/learn more about God and His promises from the Word. Typically, after the message that was given, all campers and counselors are given the opportunity to reflect on what was said and what God has said/what He may be putting on their hearts. 

The reason I love the mix so much is because this is what Beulah Beach is all about. The mix gives the opportunity for all who come to encounter who Jesus Christ really is. It also destroys the lie that the enemy puts into our head-about following Jesus; you can’t have fun and follow Jesus at the same time. At Beulah Beach and through the mix, we are destroying that lie by having fun and doing crazy stuff while growing in our faith and relationship with God.