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We have poured hours, days, weeks, and months into this camp season. As leadership at Beulah Beach, I can attest to the amount of head spinning, heart moving  decision making that took place over the last 4 months to get us here. To this moment. This season is different for sure. And yet, as people come on to the grounds, as guests use our facilities, as staff bond in community, and as parents drop their kids off (in a much different way than we’re used to), we are finding that there is a certain joy in the air. People WANT to be here. People need to be here. This is a place of refreshment, of growth, and of plain old fun. Like sliding down slip ‘n slides while trying to throw a ball into a bucket. Like throwing hatchets, paddling in canoe races, and dancing in togas! This is a place where kids can relax, enjoy nature, have spiritual talks with Christian men and women, make friends, and mature in their faith in Christ. Camp is happening, and camp is good. One parent says, “Praying for all the campers and staff this week as they grow their relationship with the Lord and with each other!” We ask that you, as a supporter and friend of Beulah Beach, would also pray similar prayers as we continue to follow the Lord’s leading in this camp season.


Last night we got a glimpse of camps past, as we used the newly constructed Pavilion for the camp’s evening Mix. The outdoor, pavilion-style service is reminiscent of the youth tabernacle that stood in it’s place for many years. While not as full of production or technical equipment, this venue provides something unique and nostalgic. It was certainly fun to see this spot on camp be used again with hilarious skits, line dancing, singing, and best of all, teaching from the Word of God. Ten years ago, under that layer of new cement, under the dirt that got moved away in demolition, I painted scripture on the floor of the Youth Tab. I believe the words and verses from years of staff are being fulfilled on this ‘holy ground.’


We are excited to welcome community campers into our midst through our Day Camp program that started today! Add in another camp guest group from Napanee Missionary Church and we have a busy week ahead! Thanks for the support and prayers!