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We knew it was going to be an uphill battle this summer. But that battle was, and continues to be, worth fighting for. The power of God, the power of relationships, the power of prayer, and the power of camp is strong.

The end of last week marked the beginning of a new regulation at our camp and all around Ohio. While we as a staff have been diligent with wearing face coverings throughout the summer, we have not had to regulate campers. In what felt like one final curveball in a long line of em, we have made adjustments to remain constant in our mission while holding steady in our commitment to the authorities and the health department.

And we’ve really found one thing to be true. God moves beyond the mask. He moves in spite of our best efforts as we program camp in a wild and peculiar time. He challenges, inspires, breathes, heals, and calls. Even in a week filled with no concerts, speakers, conferences, or rallies, God continues to work in hearts all around the world! If you have a chance, catch some of the Beulah Stories we are putting out this week as testimonies to how great our God is!

This week brings a mixture of quiet and calm to camp as we continue our Day Camp Program. Having no Bible & Missionary Conference has been strange. It’s been different. And while we mourn the loss of the Conference this summer, we champion our staff as we see them interacting on different teams, serving in unique roles, taking on challenges and projects that they maybe wouldn’t have during a typical BMC week. We are building community as we’ve set aside key moments this week to pour into each other, take a break, catch a wave, or simply laugh together. We are encouraged by the unfamiliar yet inspirational week it is already turning out to be.

Even if you haven’t been able to visit Beulah Beach this summer, know that your prayers from afar have been felt from the very beginning. God is at work and we cannot wait to look back on these 6 weeks as we reflect and remember what God has done. It’s not the summer of COVID…it’s the summer of COMMITMENTS!