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“The Plunge,” our staff spiritual retreat, ended Tuesday morning with a declaration of freedom and remembrance. In similar fashion to Joshua and the Israelites after crossing the Jordan River, we each found a large rock around the camp and piled them all together to build a memorial by the shore. This is our staff symbol of what great and mighty things God has done in each of our lives, even over the past 48 hours. Sealed with prayer, this “altar” will remain throughout the summer as a constant reminder to us of what God has done and what he will continue to do through this camp and his people within it. We were reminded of three important truths about the summer as we left the auditorium that day.

1. You can have fun and be madly in love with God!
2. This whole thing depends on Jesus not you!
3. We know who wins the game – Jesus wins!


Whether spending time preparing, planning, or playing, our staff continues to grow together and learn together as this is surely a much different and special summer is so many ways. Throughout all the seminars, handbooks, cookouts, and water activities, we are learning to rely on each other, be real with each other, and collaborate with each other to create an amazing camp experience for our guests and campers!

Nappanee Missionary Church arrived yesterday as one of our biggest guest groups of the year! They bring junior and high school students and put on an incredible program for these teens! We welcome them here and are so excited to hear how God will use this camp week to change lives!