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The first week of camp came and went! Were there obstacles and challenges? For sure. We are navigating our way through something we have never done before. But we are incredibly happy we get to do it together, as a team! From Directors to Summer Leadership to Staff, we feel confident and ready to continue our Camp Program. Because the ringing sound of politics, pandemics, and planning were all muffled this week by the sweet sound of the bell ringing and ringing! And what a joyous sound it was. Both Overnight and Day Camps saw kids saying YES to Jesus in different capacities. We also heard from one of our guest groups that many decisions were made in their group in discipleship, baptisms, salvation, and ministry. Our mission is for Christ’s name to be exalted, proclaimed, and received at Beulah Beach. We continue in prayer for HIS PRESENCE, PEACE, POWER, PURPOSE, PROVISION, PROTECTION, POURED OUT SPIRIT and PLAN to PREVAIL this summer at our camp.

What a week it was! The perfect weather, the new format to some of our previous ways of doing things, the lake activities, the Crosswalk, the heavy things, the hilarious things. All of it is CAMP and all of it is a powerful avenue for kids to get away from their busy lives, quiet their minds, and let God’s presence grow and renew their faith. One counselor explained,  “A lot of my girls are carrying heavy weights with them and this week has been about letting it all go. A lot of them have been working on giving up their fears and gaining confidence in who they are in Christ!” One evening saw a Freedom Party, where campers responded to the gospel, worshiped in utter freedom, prayed, and talked with their counselors. It’s amazing what God let’s pour out when a group of believers, striving towards righteousness, serve and love like Christ! We got to witness this freedom come alive and it is something we won’t quickly forget.

We continue to see the power of camp shape and transform the lives of youth within our community and beyond. Will you celebrate with us the joyous sound of the bell that is emerging and surging and declaring freedom among our guests, community, friends, and campers? Thanks for your involvement in this ministry!