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We woke up fast and early on our first morning of summer camp! There’s no messing around here. Our first official event of the day…The Gauntlet! This is an obstacle course meets trojan horse as we split into our countries and constructed cardboard shields, hideouts, and fortresses. We then stormed through the course at lightning speed (er maybe less than lightning) as we dodged oncoming paintballs. This team building event required mental agility just as much as physical. We conquered the course and ended the event as comrades.

The evening saw the beginning of The Plunge, our spiritual retreat for staff. The whirlwind events of the last 24 hours take a turn. We put the brakes on and take a posture of listening. We welcomed Joel Trainer and his team from Three Creeks Church in Gahanna, Ohio. We worshiped together and listened to the heart of a leader who knows all too well the life at summer camp. Joel’s connection to those he’s speaking to is one of the things that makes him an engaging, inspirational speaker. Beulah memories and stories were shared about God’s power and faithfulness. “When we remember what God has done, it helps us believe in what God will do.”

Teams are starting to bond. People are breaking out of shells as we begin to dance, share, play, and pray together. As we remember what God has done in our lives past, we are believing and expecting God is going to do great things at Beulah Beach this summer.