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This week I had the honor of getting to know one of our Overnight Counselors, Hannah Bushong. Hannah is a returner and this is her 3rd year serving at Beulah Beach! Hannah graduated from Bowling Green University with a degree in Special Ed Education. She recently got hired at a high school in her field. In her new position she’ll be teaching Functional Academics, which is a form of education where they teach skills that help students succeed in real life situations at home, school, work, and community!

With Hannah graduated and stepping into her new job in the fall, it stirs up the question, “Why Beulah? Why would you come back to serve for another summer?” When asking her this question her response was, ” The mission of Beulah is incredible. I don’t always get to share the gospel with kids directly in my job. However, here at camp, I can show kids that you can love Jesus and have fun at the same time! Despite the hardships they may be facing at home, we’re able to teach them that Jesus has already defeated the pain they’re going through!” Partnered with that, she feels as though here at Beulah, she’s able to be her “fullest and truest self.” In this season, she’s excited where her faith is at with the Lord. Last year, God stripped her from every idol she had in her life. He showed her that dying to her flesh lead to freedom to fully embrace joy in every situation. She noted that this year, Overnight Leadership has reminded the team that, ” God is first, the kids are second, and we are third.” It’s a joy and honor to be last, because our priority isn’t us. We aren’t here for us, we’re here to share Jesus and love the campers.

This summer, Hannah is taking the power back from the enemy that he robbed her of last year. Previously, she faced hardship. However, this summer the Lord has brought her back to redeem and renew! She’s giving all her fears to the Father and allowing Him to step in and speak His truth into her life. Her story could simply be put as, ” The Redemptive Work of Jesus.” God has been showing her the joy of salvation.

A verse that has brought her assurance in this season is Psalm 16:11

” You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

We’re grateful to have Hannah back for another year! We know that in her hands, the campers will experience joy in knowing Jesus and feel the love of God through her!