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Camp No Curfew

2021 Dates TBD








Camp No Curfew says you’re never too grown up to have a good time. You are never too grown up to meet someone new. You’re never too grown up to have the camp experience!  When a majority of Neverland people-fans are saying “I never want to grow up.” Camp No Curfew screams “GROWING UP IS THE BEST THING THAT’S HAPPENED TO ME!”
Camp No Curfew is a weekend getaway designed just for grown ups. From endless land and water sports including jet skis, boating, aqua toys, swimming, basketball, soccer, volleyball, Spikeball, zipline, etc. to unrepeatable experiences with friends, the camp no curfew program is unlike anything we do at Beulah Beach. Grown Ups are hard to impress, so we pull out all the stops to unleash the fun in you. Cultivate your faith, strengthen your character, and build a new community at Camp No Curfew.   

Eat. Play. Party. Camp for Grown Ups.

Can I bring my kids?
No. This is a camp for grown-ups.
What do we get?
Gazillions of land and water sports. Finger-licking good meals. Comfy rooms. Ingenious arts-n-crafts. Unforgettable nightly-themed parties. All your camp classics.
I just want to stay indoors and stare at my phone and watch my day go by. And also I don't like games. Is this the camp for me?
It is not.
Can I come with people I know?
Yes. Camp No Curfew is a great experience to have with people you like. Request to bunk with people you know when you register.

Retreat FAQs

Who really can come to this thing?
Young adults 18+. This includes college students, young careers, single people, married people.
Can I bring my kids?
No. Kids have their own camps they can come to. Leave the kids with the grandparents for the weekend. They will love the opportunity to spend time with them! 
What does it cost?
$125 per person and that includes lodging, meals, sessions, and activities/programs.
Who will I be staying with?
Pick your roommates or put yourself out there to stay with someone you’ve never met! Married couples can room together. We will arrange rooming based on your roommate preference indicated in your registration— just like when you signed up for camp as a kid!  
Is this a spiritual retreat or just a fun retreat?
Both. Every time you step foot on Beulah Beach grounds, we hope you encounter God. We hope the friends you bring encounter God. We also want you to leave with connections with people and we believe having fun with people creates a connection.
    What will we get to do?
    I know grown ups can be a little picky when it comes to programs, so we are still working on some details to pull out all the stops to make this the best weekend of the year involving gazillions of land and water sports, finger-licking good meals, unforgettable nightly-themed parties and mixes, and all your camp classics. Fun people have fun! So if you’re fun, just come.  
    Do I have to participate in everything?
    No. You’re an adult and you get to do what you want. However, if you just want to stay inside and play on your phone the whole time and miss out on good times, don’t come to this camp.


    How do I sign up?
    Register online at here. We will email other details that you need to know the closer we get to camp. Give us a chance to show you an amazing weekend at Beulah. 


    If I have other questions, how do I ask them to get my answers?

    Email David Trainer at dtrainer@bbeach.org. This retreat is going to be phenomenal and I want you to be here! 


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