Parent FAQs

Can you tell me about Beulah Beach?

Beulah Beach has been around since 1921 and has been providing an outstanding camp experience for campers and families. You can find out more about Beulah Beach here.

How does Beulah Beach hire staff?

Our leadership staff visits colleges and churches around the country each year seeking out Godly college-aged men and women to be a part of our summer staff. Each potential staff member has not only filled out an application and submitted references but has also been personally interviewed and background checked. We strive to find staff that is emotionally and spiritually mature, on fire for Christ, and ready to serve so that you can be sure your child is in great hands. When the staff arrives for the summer they receive additional job specific training which includes activity certification, CPR certification, camper behavior management and care, and child safety training in identifying and/or preventing child abuse. We are confident that each staff member we hire is ready to help your child have the best week of their life!


Tell me about your camp's programs.

We run everything “in-house” at Beulah Beach, because we want to ensure the quality of what we’re giving your camper. Our worship leaders, speakers, and staff are all on staff at Beulah Beach all summer. Everything we do at Beulah Beach in our programs has an extra dose of energy and excitement, and we’re sure you’ll see that when you arrive on Opening Day!

Will my child fit in and be accepted at Beulah Beach?

Here at Beulah Beach, we take pride in being a camp for every kind of kid. Whatever your camper’s interests are, we are trying to create something that they will love doing at camp. We sincerely believe your camper will love being here, even if they aren’t sure about it all yet!

What kind of camps does Beulah Beach offer?

Beulah Beach offers a wide range of summer camp experiences for people of all ages.

  • Day Camp runs Monday-Friday throughout the summer for children ages 5-11. You can find out more here.
  • Overnight Camp varies from week to week both in age and type of camp. We have sports camps, watersports camps, ministry camps, outdoor adventure camps and more! There's something for everyone! Learn more about each one here.
  • Adult and Family Camps offer the camp experience for the WHOLE family! Designed to be refeshing and relaxing each of our Adult and Family options offers the chance to spend quality time with your family and grow closer to the Lord together. Check out the options here.
  • Beulah on the Road is the camp that comes to YOU! Find out if BOTR is coming to a church near you here!

What time do I drop off/pick up my camper?

Overnight Camp

  • Over night check-in begins at 4pm on Sunday. You should plan to arrive no later than 4:15.
  • You are invited to attend the Closing Ceremony at 11:30am on Friday. Following the Closing Ceremony join you camper in his/her counseling group for Character Awards and lunch. Campers are dismissed after Character Awards. If you choose not to attend the Closing Ceremony please plan to arrive no later than Noon.


  • Drop off begins at 7:30am on the playground. Please plan to arrive no later than 8:15am to drop off your child.
  • Pick up begins at 5:00pm on the playground. Please plan to arrive no later than 5:15pm to pick up your child.

Does Beulah offer programs other than summer?

YES! Beulah Beach offers several retreat opportunities throughout the year.


What will my child's spiritual experience look like?

God is not boring and we don’t think camp should be either! Our philosophy of camp ministry is to show every camper that being in love with Jesus and having a relationship with Him is the coolest, most amazing, fun thing in the world! We put a staff in front of your kids that is on fire for Jesus Christ! Every day, your camper will get to be a part of a “mix”, group discussions with their counselor, and that’s just the start of it! Every single aspect of camp at Beulah Beach is programmed to make Jesus’ name greater.


Can I tour the camp?

Yes! We would love to show you around Beulah Beach. Since we are open year round you don't even have to wait for summer! Contact our office at 440-967-4861 to set up am appointment to come and see our facilities. In the mean time check out our camp map and view photos of the grounds!

What should I pack for my child?

To see a camp specific list please visit the webpage of your camper's camp. You can find it from the top of this page by clicking on the programs tab or go directly to

Overnight basics: Please pack everything in ONE piece of luggage, with the exception of a fan and sleeping bag. Please be sure to label all three of these items! This will help us tremendously on opening and closing days of camp! Plan to bring short and long sleeve shirts, shorts, pants, socks, light jacket, beach towel, bath towel, modest swimming suit, water bottle, fan, sandals, athletic shoes (may get muddy), Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, disposable camera, flashlight, bug spray, sun screen, bedding (pillow and sleeping bag or sheets), personal toiletries, old clothes to get muddy while playing mud activities. Please remember that this is a camp and that many activities will require your camp get wet and/or dirty so we recommend only sending older clothing unless dressy clothing is specified in your confirmation letter.

DayCamp: Please pack a modest swimsuit, beach towel, water bottle, extra clothes, sunscreen, tennis shoes, and a light jacket or sweatshirt all in a duffel bag or Backpack. Please label everything with your child's name and remember that this is a camp where many activities require getting wet or dirty so older clothing is recommended!

PLEASE DO NOT SEND computers, ipads, cell phones, iPods/mp3’s, gaming devices, bikes, skateboards, matches or lighters. Short shorts, spaghetti strap tops, and clothing items promoting alcohol or drugs are not appropriate attire for camp. Campers with electronic devices, including cell phones, will be asked to give them to their counselor for the remainder of the week.


What are your payment and cancellation policies?

We accept cash, check, and credit card payments (visa, mastercard, & discover only). There is a $30 service fee for all returned checks. Registration for Day Camp requires as $30 non-refundable deposit with the balance due one week prior to camp. Registration for overnight camps requires full payment with registration and must be made at least 2 weeks prior to camp in order to avoid late fees. If cancellation is made more than 7 days before camp starts, a refund will be issued less a $50 non-refundable processing fee. No cancellations, refunds, or transfers to or from a camp can be made in the 7 days prior to camp starting, or after the camp has started.

See the full Registration Policy


What needs to be completed before the first day of camp?

If your camper is registered and all the information is completed on the registration form, there are only two things that you may have to complete before camp starts. First, if your camper has any medications, the Medication Authorization Form must be completed and brought to camp Check-In with you. Find the Medicine Authorization Form here.

Secondly, if you are bringing a camper to BOOM:SHC, WakeJam, or Extreme Camp and your camper wants to play paintball, the Paintball Waiver must be completed and brought with you to camp Check-In. Paintball is included in the Extreme camp cost. For BOOM:SHC and
WakeJam campers, there is an additional cost for paintball. Find the Paintball Waiver here.


Are there any camp registration discounts?


  • Early Registration: If you register for 4 or more sessions and pay in full when you register by May 1, take $10 off of each session.
  • Bring-A-Friend: Bring friends that have not attended camp or retreat within the last 3 years and receive a $15 discount per new friend. Registrations must be received together and all campers must attend the same camp. Discount only applies for the new friends first session.


  • Early Registration: Register before March 20 and receive $25 off camp registration.
  • Family Plan: For families that send three or more sibling campers; each camper from the same family will receive a $25 discount. To receive the discount all registrations and payments must be mailed in the same envelope, faxed or registered online together.
  • Bring-A-Friend: Bring friends that have not attended camp or retreat within the last 3 years and receive a $15 discount per new friend. Registrations must be received together and all campers must attend the same camp.
  • Second Camp: Register for a second overnight camp during closing day of your campers first camp and receive $100 off camp registration.


  • Beulah Moms is the way for parents to get connected with Beulah Beach at a new level. Beulah Beach’s Program Directors travel around during the spring months attending “Countdown to Camp” parties! As a Beulah Mom, you’d get the chance to host one of these parties and invite your friends to come hear more about Beulah Beach. Every new camper that signs up after attending the “Party” gets $30 OFF their camp registration – and for every new camper that signs up, the Beulah Mom’s camper gets $30 OFF too! And if 5 new campers sign up, the Beulah Mom’s camper comes to camp for FREE! We believe in Beulah Beach and if you do too, then sign up to be a  Beulah Mom and spread the word that Beulah Beach is the place to be! Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information!


  • Limited partial scholarships are available, download a scholarship application. For more information please call 440-967-4861.

What does a typical day look like?

Day Camp

This is a schedule for a typical day at  Day Camp, however we change things all the time to keep things new and exciting!


Drop-off and Morning Madness
Counselor Time
Activity Block (sports, zipline, etc.)
The Mix
Activity Time
Beach Time
Clean Up
Pick-up at the Playground

Overnight Camp

This is a schedule for a typical day at  overnight camp, however we change things all the time to keep thingsnew and exciting!


Wake Up
Morning Mix
Group Devotions
Morning Activity Block (sports, splash classes, etc.)
Chill Time
Optional “Dive Deeper” Leadership Track
Free Time
All-Camp Activity
Evening Activity Block
Sunset and Snack Shack
Evening Mix
Group Devotions
Lights Out
Lights Out time changes quite a bit, depending on the age of our campers. It will be closer to 9:30 for our youngest campers and midnight for our oldest campers.


Is there a discount for siblings?

Yes! For families that send three or more overnight campers, each camper from the same family will receive a $25 discount. To receive the discount, all registrations and payments must be mailed in the same envelope, faxed, or registered online together. The Family Plan discount does not apply to Day Camp.

What do I do if my child requires a special diet or has a food allergy?

Our chef and kitchen staff are happy to help accomodate any dietary needs. Please be sure to note any special dietary needs or allergies on your child's registration form. You can also contact the office at 440-967-4861 to speak to someone directly regarding making food arrangements for your child.

Does Beulah offer scholarships?

Yes. Download the scholarship application.



What do I do if my camper has medications?

If you will be bringing any medications, whether over-the-counter (ie. for seasonal allergies) or prescription, your parent or guardian will need to fill out our "Medication Authorization Form" PRIOR TO your arrival to camp, in order to ensure that all medications are brought under the proper specifications as listed on the form. Please bring all medications in their original container when you come to check in. The nurse will have all of your camper’s medications and distribute them at different times during the day. All of our counselors have also received a list of any medical issues and will see to it that campers with epi-pens and inhalers that need to stay with campers are dealt with appropriately!

Can I transfer registration to a different week or camper?

A camp fee can be transferred as a camp fee to another camper of same sex attending camp OR as credit towards a camp fee of any camper attending another camp subject to availability. The camp fee charged will be the appropriate fee based on the date the transfer is made. No transfers may be made within 7 days prior to the start of a camp. Please notify us at 440-967-4861 if you intend to transfer a fee.

If cancellation is made more than 7 days before camp starts, a refund will be issued less a $50 non-refundable processing fee for overnight camp ($30 for DayCamp). No cancellations, refunds, or transfers to or from a camp can be made in the 7 days prior to camp starting, or after the camp has started.

See the full registration policy.


How does Beulah handle medical care for campers?

Safety first! Activities are a huge component to camp at Beulah Beach, but the safety and well-being of your camper is our first priority. Every part of our program is designed with safety in mind. We have a Camp Nurse on staff if there are any accidents or sicknesses. All staff members are CPR certified and all lifeguards first aid and AED certified as well so that in the event of an emergency there will a prompt and appropriate response to the situation.The nurse will have all of your camper’s medications and distribute them at different times during the day. If your camper will be bringing any medications, whether over-the-counter (ie. for seasonal allergies) or prescription, the parent/guardian will need to fill out the "Medication Authorization Form" PRIOR TO arrival to camp, in order to ensure that all medications are brought under the proper specifications as listed on the form. If your child's medication changes in type and/or frequency of use after your submit the Medication Authorization Form please be sure to alert the nurse when you bring your child to check in for camp as medication can only be delivered in the manner which is authorized by the parent/guardian's consent on that form.

A parent/guardian will be contacted in the event of an emergency such as:

  • When a camper is taken off-site for professional medical treatment.
  • When a camper has had a significant accident that causes injury - major bumps, bruises, cuts, etc.
  • Any time there is something out of the ordinary - seizures, severe allergic reaction, etc.

If I sign my child up for more than one camp will the experience be the same every week?

If your child attends more than one week of camp within the same program the experience will be similar.

  • Our Day Camp program is designed to vary slightly from week to week but many elements remain the same each week. If your child attends multiple weeks they will have the opportunity to build relationships with several different counselors as well as with other campers that attend weekly but also make new friends every week!
  • If your child attends multiple overnight camps their experience will vary further as each week is designed to have a different emphasis. For instance campers will have a very different experience at Sports Camp than at Splash Camp, however elements of theme and programing will be very similar.

How does Beulah Beach deal with behavior issues?

At the beginning of each camp a set of "get to's" is clearly defined. For instance, campers get to go all week without electronic devices! Camper disobedience and behavioral issues are addressed on a case by case basis. In each case the camper is removed from the situation and there is a kind conversation about a change in behavior. In most cases the issue is resolved simply by working with the camper to rectify the situation and grace is given. However, consequences are enforced when necessary. Consequences typically come in the form of sitting out of an activity or loss of a privilege. Never will there be corporal punishment and only in extreme circumstances will a camper be sent home. If behavior issues continue the camp director will contact the camper's parent/guardian to discuss the best option for the situation.


What if the camp I would like to send my child to is listed as CLOSED?

If a camp is listed as CLOSED it means that we have reached our maximum capacity for that camp and we are unable to take any further registrations. You may submit your name and phone number to be put on the waiting list and in the event that a spot opens up you will be contacted. Openings will be filled by those on the waiting list in the order in which they are received. If you are unable to get your child into the desired camp we recommend looking at the other camp options offered for which you child would be eligible.


How do you handle camp check-in/out?

Overnight Camp

Opending Day:

  • It will be a party! You can anticipate staff members jumping up and down, so excited that you’re finally at camp! When you arrive at Beulah Beach, follow the directional signs and crazy staff members and park on the soccer field. You have two options at this point. You can either bring your camper’s belongings with you to the Check-In line and we’ll move it into their room for you OR you can drop your camper off at Check-In and then go move in their belongings yourself.
Camp Closing:
  • On Closing Day, please plan to arrive at camp between 10:45-11:15 A.M. The Closing Ceremony will take place in our Youth Pavilion at 11:30 A.M. After the Closing Ceremony (which we think you’ll love!), you’ll break off into the campers’ counseling groups and get your camper’s Character Quality Award and officially sign your camper out. After that, you’re free to join us for lunch (on us!), check out “The Dock”, pick up your DVD, and load your camper’s stuff into your car. I’m sure they’ll have a lot to talk about on the way home!

Day Camp


  • It will be a party! You can anticipate staff members jumping up and down, so excited that you’re finally at camp! When you arrive at Beulah Beach, follow the directional signs and crazy staff members and park near the playground. Bring your camper up to the Check-In tables and just watch how excited we are to have you at camp!


  • We want to make sure your kids are safe, so we need you to sign your camper out every day with your camper’s counselor. On Friday, don’t forget your free DVD!

How do you avoid sunburn and dehydration?

We ask that all campers bring sunscreen and a water bottle to camp. Counselors will ask campers to re-apply sunscreen any time they are going to spend significant time in the sun. Because our campers tend to spend significant time in the water we recommend a water-proof high SPF sunscreen. Campers will have the opportunity to refill their water bottles regularly and are also asked to drink at least one glass of water at each meal before other beverages. During especially hot days additional water coolers are provided around camp.


How does Beulah train their staff?

We bring our entire staff in 11 days before camps even start. We want to make sure they are the best staff in the country (and we mean that!). Our staff goes through training on how to safely run activities, how to lead a small group discussion, and we work like crazy to get camp ready to go. Most of our staff training is focused on team unity and the spiritual well-being of our staff members. If we are asking your campers to be like our staff members, we absolutely need our staff members to be like Jesus.

How do I contact camp in case of an emergency?

Call the office at (440) 967-4861.

Does Beulah do any training regarding child abuse?

Every staff member at Beulah Beach has gone through MinistrySafe Abuse Training Course. We do not let staff members even come to camp before they’ve completed the course and passed the test. In addition to this, we do additional training on abuse during our Staff Training Week. The safety of your camper is our FIRST priority. You can check out more about MinistrySafe at

How do I communicate with my camper while they attend camp?

You can send your camper email or regular mail. To send email click here and scroll down. To ensure timely delivery packages and letters should be mailed no later than Tuesday. All mail received before 1pm will be distributed the same day. Mail arriving after 1pm will be delivered on the next day. Please be sure that your mail is labeled as follows:

(camper name here)
(camp attending here)
c/o (counselor name here)
6101 W. Lake Rd.
Vermilion, OH 44089

To ensure camper safety and to provide the best experience we ask that parents do not visit while the camp is ongoing.


How will my child's roommates be chosen?

When you submit your child's registration form you have the option to request up to 3 roommates. It is our policy to honor roommate requests made at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the camp, however, roommate requests cannot be guaranteed. To be sure no roommates are closed out of a camp when it fills up, we suggest registering at the same time. We do our best to make sure each camper has at least one of their requested roommates, if not all 3. Even though 2 campers may request each, other the other requests on the form may not match. In that case large, rooming groups will be assigned to two adjacent rooms. We will see to it that those campers are also in the same counseling group. To avoid excluding anyone, campers that do not request roommates will be placed into counseling groups with at least one other camper that did not request a roommate and others similar in age.


Are there BOTR scholarships available?

Check with your church for information on scholarships and discounts.

Can I request a counselor for my camper?

Yes! We have many of our counselors return every year, and if the counselor you request will be on staff that week, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your camper is in their group! Just email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at least two weeks prior to camp starting and we will do everything we can!

What do I do in order to pick up my camper early?

We would love for children to stay all day every day, but we do understand when a camper has to leave early. We’ve created an early release form that needs to be filled out by the parent AT MORNING CHECK-IN. This form will be available every day at the registration table. Our Camp Director will be ready to assist in bringing your child to the registration table at the time of early release.


What are the payment options for registration?

The full cost of registration is due when you register. Check with your church if there are scholarships or discounts on the cost.

How many other campers will be in my child's group?

We strive to keep an 8:1 camper to staff ratio. We try and keep the groups even smaller than that if we can because we think it makes the camp experience even better!

How do I request my child be placed with a friend/relative?

When you register for camp, there is a friend request section on the form so that campers can be with their siblings and/or friends. We do everything we can to make sure every camper is grouped with their requested friend.


Will my child grow spiritually?

Every member of our staff is follower of Christ and is dedicated to praying for the campers before they even reach the grounds of Beulah Beach. It is the mission of Beulah Beach to see our guests encounter Christ in an authentic life-changing way. Our staff  will share truths from God's word daily and boldly proclaim who Christ is through testimony, prayer, worship, and the Bible. Campers will attend Mixes every day where they will not only enjoy hilarious skits but dynamic worship and relevant speakers that engage them at their level. They will be encouraged to read God's word daily, be faithful in prayer, and share their faith. As they spend time in small groups with their counselor they will find a place where they can feel comfortable sharing their heart with the group and support each other by praying together.  We understand that following Christ is a personal decision for each camper and we rejoice with them as they reach that decision.

Beulah Beach is a ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. See our Statement of Faith.


Will my child need money?

Yes. Campers can bring money for Snak Shak and pop machines ($1.50 20oz. bottle). Please send your camper with bills $10 or smaller so they can avoid delays at the Snak Shak. Pop machines like dollar bills and quarters best!

“The Dock”, our Beulah Beach giftshop, is open on closing day and can take cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only).

For BOOM:SHC and WakeJam campers, an additional cost of $20 (plus any extra paint) will be required to play paintball. Extreme campers will play paintball once for free, and may have the option of playiing one more time for an additional fee of $20.


What activities will my camper get to participate in?

It depends which camp your camper decides on because we literally have too many activities to do in just one week! All of our campers will get to do the following activities: Zipline, Giant Swing, Rockwall, Canoes and Paddleboats, Tubing, Jetski Rides, Game Room,  FunZone Games, sports, swimming (pool and lake). We have other activities such as paintball, high and low ropes courses, hayrides, and campouts which only some camps have in their schedule.

Is there a camp store?

Yes – our camp store “The Dock” is open for every Opening and Closing Day of camp to make sure you can stock up on your Beulah Beach gear every year. On Opening Day, it will be open from 4:00-5:00. On Closing Day, it will open after the Closing Ceremony and will close at 2:00P.M.

What do I do if I need to pick up my camper early?

Please let us know when you drop your camper off so that the proper forms can be filled out and arrangements made. In the event of an emergency please contact the main office at 440-967-4861 in order to make the proper arrangements.

What do I do if my child has special needs?

Please contact the Beulah Beach office at 440-967-4861 for futher information before registering for camp to ensure that we can provide the proper care for your child.

Does Beulah Beach provide breakfast?

Yes. Both Day Camp and Overnight Camp are served a hot breakfast everyday. Day Camp is served at 9am every morning and Overnight Camp is served between 7:30-8:30 am depending on the camp schedule.

How can I see photos of my camper?

On our Parentsphere site, we’ll upload pictures every day of all the fun activities of camp. In your Parent Survival Guide that you receive at Check-In, we’ll give you the password so that you can see all the pictures! You can click here to get to the Parentsphere.

Why can't I find my child in the SmugMug photo gallery?

Our media staff strives to capture as many moments as possible throughout your camper's experience at Beulah Beach. However, we do have a limited staff to cover multiple ongoing camps. As photos are captured throughout the day they are processed and uploaded so that they can be viewed. Mid-week every camper gets a photo with their counselor and their counseling group which is uploaded to a separate gallery to make it easier to find your camper's photo. The password to access your camper's gallery was provided on the Parent Survival Guide you received at check in.


Will my Day Camper have the same counselor all week?

Yes! Your camper will be in the same counseling group for the entire week. If you are coming back for another week and love your counselor, request to have your camper be in their group again!