Welcome to the Parentsphere!

Welcome to your one stop shop for keeping up with your camper!  We want to thank you for choosing Beulah Beach for your child’s summer camping experience! We don’t believe there is any better investment a parent can make than to invest in the spiritual lives of their children! We’re dedicated to providing your child with a safe environment, a Christ-like counselor and the most fun they’ve ever had! We firmly believe it will be the best week of their life!

Camp Life

Dorm Life
In most cases campers are able to room with those they've requested on their registration forms although this is not guaranteed. Though campers will not spend much time in their rooms, we still want to make sure you and your camper are satisfied with the rooms and their condition. If you choose to head over to your camper’s room during registration and are not satisfied with it, please visit the Main Office in the lobby of the Lodge and we’ll do everything we can to fix it. Your camper’s room will never be locked, so we’ll encourage campers to give any valuable belongings to their counselor for the week.
For many of our campers, this will be their first experience completely away from home! We’ll do our best to keep campers having fun at camp! To ensure that your camper has the best experience they possibly can at camp, we ask that family members and friends do not visit during the week. We do not recommend campers calling home during the week, but in rare cases, may be permitted by our Camp Director. Please do not send a cell phone with your child. Campers with cell phones will be asked to surrender them to their counselor for the remainder of the week.
Camper Safety
Safety first! Activities are a huge component to camp at Beulah Beach, but the safety and well-being of your camper is our first priority. Every part of our program is designed with safety in mind. We do have a Camp Nurse on staff if there are any accidents or sicknesses. The nurse will have all of your camper’s medications and distribute them at different times during the day. If you will be bringing any medications, whether over-the-counter (ie. for seasonal allergies) or prescription, your parent or guardian will need to fill out our "Medication Authorization Form" PRIOR TO your arrival to camp, in order to ensure that all medications are brought under the proper specifications as listed on the form. All of our counselors have also received a list of any medical issues your camper may have!

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Lost and Found

All lost and found items will be kept for 2 weeks at which time they will be donated to a charity. Items will be collected at the end of the week/camp and placed in a bin marked with the date. After 2 weeks, the items will be donated.

Spending Money

Campers can bring money for Snak Shak, pop machines ($1.50 20oz. bottle), and “The Dock.” For BOOM:SHC and WakeJam campers, an additional cost of $20 (plus any extra paint) will be required to play paintball. Extreme campers will play paintball once for free, and may have the option of playiing one more time for an additional fee of $20.
Don't forget...

to pick up your FREE DVD at the Dock giftshop after the Closing Ceremony!

Camp Closing

Join us for your camper's Closing Ceremony in The Center! The Closing Ceremony will start at 11:30am. Directly following the ceremony we’d love to have you hang out for lunch - on us! The DOCK, our camp store (where you can also pick up your campers FREE highlight DVD!), will be open after the ceremony and is located in the Main Lobby of the Lodge.